Friday, July 12, 2013

29th ID Fight Off 352 Counter Attack

Last night a company of the 29th Infantry Division threw back a German counter attack from the a company of the 352 Infantry Division. The Germans came in force, but our boys were ready:

"We were supposed to come off the front line yesterday, but the relief units are too far behind. We were ordered to halt our advance, dig in and hold this position while they get the roads straightened out and get our replacements up here. Of course, we thought we had a day to rest, but around 0900 the word spread that Germans were in the area. I ran up to my post in that house over there and started looking. As soon as I saw them, I spun up the radio and started calling in fire from a battery of 105s."
- Private Malcom Lawson
One of the tensest moments was when a patoon of StuGs advanced on the left flank against Lt. John Bowhill's MG platoon:
"When I saw that StuG break through the hedgerow, I thought it was all over. But we had our orders and the boys held their positions. I called in the arty and those boys popped that StuG like a can of sardines. The rest of them were caught up in the hedgerows. I guess they didn't take well to losing their buddy because they scampered off lickety-split."
- Lt. John Bowhill
The bloodiest battle was on the right flank where Lt. Cliff O'Brian's rifle platoon fended off a grenadier platoon while under heavy fire from a second platoon and a battery of PaK40s.
"When it all started, we jumped across the road so we could make them pay for every inch of ground they tried to take. We held our ground against everything they threw at us. When the assault came, we counter attacked, destroying the platoon."
-Lt. Cliff O'Brian
All in all it was sweeping victory for the company and none are more proud than Captain Jeb Stark:
"I couldn't ask for anything more out of my men or our support. Well, except for those armored boys. They seem to have gotten lost. Fortunately, the air support and artillery fire made up for their absence."
- Captain Jeb Stark



Pincer - Germans attacking, US defending.


352 ID

HQ, 2x Grenadier Platoons, 1x Grenadier Pioneer Platoon, Mortar Platoon, Anti-tank Gun Platoon (PaK40),StuG Platoon

29th ID

HQ, 3x Rifle Platoons, Weapons Platoon, 2x MG Platoons, Field Artillery Battery, Independent Tank Platoon (Shermans), Air Support


The Germans deploy their full force in a wide line. The Americans deploy two rifle platoons, a MG platoon and a Field Artillery Battery along a defensive line. The remaining platoons are kept in reserve.


Turn by Turn

Turn 1

Turn 1 - German Advance
Turn 1 - US Defense
The Germans advance utilizing their storm trooper move where possible. Several StuGs get tangled up in the bocage.

The 29th right flank advances across the road to harass the Germans as they cross the field. In the center, the observer for the artillery battery and a handful of rifle teams pile into the house.

Turn 2

The Germans continue the advance and both sides start to engage. The StuGs continue to struggle with the bocage. US Air Support causes a couple casualties in  one of the German platoons. Unfortunately for the Germans, that platoon remains pinned until the end of the game. 
Turn 2 - Allied Air Support

Turn 3

Heavy fire erupts as the full force of the German lines comes into contact with the Americans. With the cover of the hedgerows, the fire has little effect. On the left flank, a lone StuG clambers through the bocage into the US left flank. However, US artillery delivers a devastating barrage, destroying the StuG. Since the remainder of the platoon is bogged down, a morale test is forced and the platoon routes. A huge turning point for the allies!

Turn 3 - Destroyed StuG
Turn 3 - Right Flank Standoff

Destroyed - StuG Platoon
Reserves - None

Turn 4

Turn 4 - Germans Prepare to Assault
With the assault on the left broken, the Germans focus on the right flank and attempt to assault across the field. They pin the Americans and make contact, but are reduced to a handful of men and thrown back by a vicious American counter attack.

Destroyed - Grenadier Platoon
Reserves - None


The German commander assesses his situation:
- two platoon destroyed (StuG, Grenadier)
- one platoon ineffective (still pinned and at least one turn from reaching the action)
- a grenadier platoon, mortar platoon and a half strength anti-tank platoon in the action
- light casualties for the Americans (3 teams)
He decides to live to fight another day and retreats to setup a defensive line.

Germans Call Off the Attack
Allied victory 6-1.


As with all great victories, this one can be attributed to a good plan made great by a lot of luck. The German players were plagued with poor rolls for bog checks and rallying pinned troops. This fragmented the assault and gave the US more time to utilize their air support. Destroying the StuG platoon and repulsing the assault on the right flank were amazing feats of luck for the Americans.

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