Saturday, July 20, 2013

21st Panzer Division Resists Bloody Assault by Irish Guard



No Retreat - Irish Guard attacking, 21st Panzer Division defending


Irish Guard (British Armoured Squadron - Guards Armoured Division)
HQ, 2x Armoured Platoons, 2x Lorried Rifle Platoons, 1x Royal Artillery Field Battery, Air Support

21st Panzer Division (Panzergrenadierkompanie)
HQ, 3x Panzergrenadier Platoon, 1x MG Platoon, 1x Heavy Anti-Tank Platoon, 2x Panzer Platoons

Initial Deployment


The Germans deploy two infantry platoons in a thin defensive line at the edge of town. The PaK40s are in ambush while the remaining infantry platoon and two Panzer platoons are held in reserve. The Guards deploy in two assault groups, each with one armoured platoon and one rifle platoon.

View from outside town

Turn by Turn

Turn 1

The Germans sit tight as the Guards begin their advance. The third German infantry platoon shows up from reserve.
German Defensive Line

Turn 2

Both side exchange shots as the PaK40s are deployed from ambush. A Sherman explodes on the left flank.


Turn 3

Guards Destroy a Panzer Platoon
The 25 pounders start hammering the center of the German lines while Typhoons strafe the flanks. All three German infantry platoons duck for cover. However, they are relieved at the site of two Panzer platoons joining the fight. The Brits take a pounding losing two tanks.

Turn 4

On the eastern flank the Brits stand their ground, destroying a Panzer platoon. However, they lose a Firefly and the infantry are getting chewed up by MG fire.

Turn 5

Things looks grim for the Guards. They lose the entire western assault (armoured and rifle platoon) and the remaining infantry platoon on the eastern flank.

Turn 6

The Lieutenant from the Irish Guard rallies his troops and races his remaining four Shermans forward to assault the eastern objective, driving a panzergrenadier platoon out of its defensive position. The Germans scramble to reposition their remaining Panzers and anti-tank guns to face the assault.

Sherman Assault of Eastern Flank

Turn 7

The Guards continue their tank assaults, destroying a panzergrenadier platoon.

Turn 8

British Typhoons destroy the last functional Panzer IV and the tank assaults continue. The German infantry finally work up the courage to assault the remaining armoured platoon and manage to destroy it.

The Lieutenant Finds Himself Alone

Turn 9

The Irish Guard decide it it time to fall back, leaving the field to the Germans.


The Guards lost both armoured and both rifle platoons. The Germans lost both Panzer platoons and one Panzergrenadier platoon.

German victory 4-3.


The game was really over in turn 5, but we had a lot of fun playing it out. The reckless tank assaults changed the game from a 6-1 victory for the Germans to a 4-3 victory. It was surprising to see the Guards continuously make their company morale and bog checks while the Germans repeatedly failed to counterattack or pass their tank terror tests.

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