Sunday, August 4, 2013

6th Airborne Fail to Drive 352 ID off of Monument Hill

We wanted to get one last game in for Operation Overlord and Lt. Ian Moore wanted to field his British Airborne. We decided that the British would try to drive the Germans off Monument Hill since the Americans failed in our previous game. We chose the Surrounded scenario and Ian elected for a night attack.
352 Fusilier Company

British Parachute Rifle Company


The German infantry platoons were arrayed through the housing units in town with a StuG platoon on the east and a StuG platoon supported by Pak40s to the west.
The 6th Airborne approached the town from the east and west. The eastern attack included 2nd platoon (parachute platoon) and an anti-tank platoon. The western attack included 1st platoon, an armoured recce platoon (cromwells), a mortar platoon and an artillery platoon.

Turn 1

The British advance under the cover of night. The anti-tank guns destroy a StuG on the eastern edge of town while the StuGs on the western end destroy a Cromwell and bail two others.

Turn 2

Anti-tank guns score 3 hits on the StuG platoon on the east, but all three bounce. Return fire from the German 3rd Fusilier platoon destroys one of the anti-tank guns. On the western edge of town, the StuGs destroy another Cromwell.

Turn 3

Day breaks (during the German turn) revealing the full British assault. On the eastern edge of town, heavy MG fire destroys two more anti-tank guns after suffering light casualties from the guns.

The Germans get aggressive on the western edge. As the Cromwells pull back, the StuGs race forward and take out three teams of first platoon. However, the StuGs fail their stormtrooper move and are left hanging in the wind.

Turn 4

The remaining anti-tank gun falls back and the eastern edge of town goes silent. However, the whistle and thunder of incoming artillery announces to everyone that observers are in place. Artillery fire destroys one Pak40 and two MG teams, pinning three platoons.

Around Monument Hill, the remaining Cromwells bail one StuG, and 1st platoon charges forward to assault the StuGs. The StuGs manage to pin the parachute platoon (6 dice, 5 hits) and destroy two more teams. With the parachute platoon pinned, the StuGs turn around and fire on the Cromwells, destroying one and bailing the other.


Lt. Ian Moore decided that he was not going to be able to take either objective and withdrew his troops, giving the Germans a 4-3 victory.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Battle for Monument Hill

Reading other Operation Overlord battle reports inspired me to try something new. In particular, this link off of one of the comments on the OO forum caught my eye and started me thinking:

Here's my attempt at something similar...